Math, Science, and Technology

Math, Science, and Technology

Math, Science, and Technology

Math, Science, and Technology courses introduce students to the basic concepts, processes, ways of thinking, and applications in math and natural science, and promotes an understanding of central issues related to the impacts of science and technology on society. These courses prepare students to:

  • Identify key concepts in one of the natural sciences
  • Explain the process of scientific research and the methods for reaching consensus within the scientific communities
  • Explain the process by which scientific knowledge is applied through technology
  • Critique the impact of technology on society for selected issues
  • Express aspects of the joy, wonder, and excitement of science, mathematics, and technology as evidence of God’s creative work

Why study Math, Science, and Technology?

Mathematics, science, and technology are driving forces in our society, impacting all areas of life. Everyone must make choices in their personal and professional lives for which understanding of these disciplines and their ethical dimensions is essential. To make those choices, we must be able to:

  • Use laboratory skills appropriate to at least one of the sciences
  • Apply mathematical, computational, and/or logical principles to problem solving
  • Make competent, critical, Biblical, and ethical judgments about the use of scientific information and technology

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