Some United States Musical Instruments

Some United States Musical Instruments


The United States is known for its colorful culture and especially for its upbeat, upbeat music. Various cultures played a large role in the creation of styles of music and dance in the United States. Traditional musical instruments vary in different countries. Here are some examples of United States musical instruments.

United States Musical Instruments


This musical instrument resembles a tambourine. It is hand-held and comes with small cymbals around the sides. It is very popular in Brazilian music especially capoeira and samba. Pandeiro instruments are considered quite versatile because they can be tuned according to your wishes. It can also be played in a number of ways including using the fingers and the whole palm. idn slots


Originating from Cuba, these single-headed drums usually come in sets of two. Each drum is tuned to a specific pitch, giving the drums a rhythmic beat. You can use various sounds with the conga by hitting the head of the instrument with your hand.


The Guiro handheld instrument is believed to have originated in Cuba. It is made with a single piece of metal or wood. It is perforated and provided with grooves that run horizontally along the sides. Another way to play it is by hitting it with a stick.


The lead is similar to the conga. However, tin comes with a metal rim and is shallower than the conga. The lead heads produce resonant notes and high notes because the drum heads are set high. It can be played by attaching a stick to a metal head or casing.


Maracas are believed to have come from various places including Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Maracas are not only popular in United States music but are also used throughout the world as a backup instrument. Maracas are made of hollow shells with handles. Inside the shell are dried grains, so when the tool is shaken, the maracas make a crackling sound.

Some United States Musical Instruments


This United States musical instrument that is widely used in Cuban music looks quite simple. However, it is one of the most distinct instruments in the region. This is a hand-held block of wood about the size of a large cigar. To use the instrument, you must ring two claves.


This musical instrument is usually played in the Caribbean islands. This instrument is said to have originated in Cuba and was later used by Puerto Rican people. It is clearly built on the idea of ​​a guitar based on its appearance. In some places, this instrument is called a bandola or triple. El tres has six strings much like a guitar, but the strings are grouped into three.

The marimba

La marimba is a musical instrument originating from Central America. Others believe that this instrument was invented during the maya civilization while others say that it was made by slaves as their own version of an African instrument. Costa Rica and Guatemala are still known to use the instrument today.

Get to Know Music in the United States

Music in the United States is a reflection of a multi-ethnic population with a variety of musical styles. Music in the United States is a mix of music influenced by (among others) West African, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, and Cuban music.

American music that is quite well known internationally is jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, rock, ragtime, rhythm & blues, hip-hop, pop, dance, and rock and roll. The United States has the largest music market with total retail sales of Rp. 69,855,577,606 in 2014, and music us. heard all over the world. Since the early 20th century, some US pop music has been listened to and followed globally.

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